Do you Suspect Mold In Your Home?

"The Proven Process Home Owners Need Right Now To Remove Mold And Germs From Their Home So They Can Enjoy Clean, Healthy, and Refreshing Air Inside Their Home Day And Night"


"The Proven Process Home Owners Need Right Now To Remove Mold And Germs From Their Home So They Can Enjoy Clean, Healthy, and Refreshing Air Inside Their Home Day And Night"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care about indoor air quality and mold?

Indoor air quality testing helps you get an accurate understanding of your homes air quality so you'll know exactly whether you home's air quality is dangerous or not.

 If I have mold, how does Mold Zero handle it?

The answer is dry fog mold removal. This lets us effectively get to mold where it hides ... only parts of your home that absolutely have to be removed by State Regulations will be.

 What else, other than mold, might be in my home's air?

Airborne allergens and irritants are very common in most homes. Our proven methods help to reduce or remove a number of airborne irritants which enables you to breathe some of the cleanest air ever. Many of our clients state that they have have improvements in allergenic symptoms, rashes, headaches, congestion and other non-optimum conditions that are connected with mold toxicity.

 How toxic is the Mold Zero process?

Mold Zero uses a non-toxic mold killer which lets you rest assured that your home will be safe to reenter very quickly once the process is complete, so you, your children, pets, and friends will be safe to make contact with home surfaces and breathe the clean air.

 How long does it take?

Because every home is different it's difficult to pinpoint an exact length of time for your home's unique needs. But, in most cases you can be back in your home in hours, not days, depending on the severity of your situation. Many of our jobs can allow you to be back in your home the same day.

 Are there any other benefits I can expect?

YES! Depending on your situation you could have a variety of benefits that we can explain in-detail during your in-home indoor air quality assessment. Many of our satisfied customers tell us they are sleeping much better and they are enjoying greatly increased peace of mind that their family is living with some of the cleanest air possible. 

If you do have a problem it will only get worse as time goes on

you and your family deserve to know if your air quality iS harmful.

During Your Free Indoor Air Quality Evaluation we will give you all the necessary information and answer your questions. 

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"Mold Zero did a great job. I love that they use non toxic products. It was great to get the house sanitized, and 2 months out, everything still seems great. No more mold issues. The 1 year guarantee gives peace of mind. I will call again if I have another mold problem in the future. Thank you!"
"So we had a bathroom leak and it flooded out entire bathroom and hallway and mold started to grow underneath our brand new wooden floors. I started having headaches as well. So we called Mold Zero and they serviced us ASAP. It went great! It was all done in a day and they did air quality testing afterwards and provided us with a clean bill of health. I would highly recommend them."
"Mold Zero helped up put our life back together. After dealing with a major mold contamination issue in a previous home we thought we would need to throw away all of our belongings. Mold Zero contacted us after hearing our family’s story and truly saved the day. We spent months and months of our life dealing with health issues from the mold exposure we experienced while living on MacDill AFB. Once we moved our contaminated belongings to our new home we continued being sick. Mold Zero treated our new home and belongings two weeks ago and we are finally beginning to feel normal again. I am waking up energized and without a headache. My youngest daughter is starting to sleep through the night again and has stopped complaining of joint pain. I have also noticed that everyone has stopped that chronic mold cough we’ve had since last August. I am truly thankful for Mold Zero, their product, and their caring staff."
"MOLD ZERO is a company in Clearwater Florida that really helps people with MOLD in their homes. The technology is all safe and non toxic. The technicians are highly trained, friendly and are genuine. But the best part is that I see that they really care, they know what they are doing and they go the extra mile to help ... all with honesty and integrity. There is no better company in this niche to do business with. They also took the time to educate me on this subject. Fascinating information that I never knew before. I highly recommend this company if you have water damage, musty moldy smelling place in your home. It will make a huge difference."
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